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London Cup – 1st & 2nd December 2018

Amazing results from London Cup:

Thais 2nd in Ribbon, 3rd in Clubs and 2nd Overall in Junior A

+Special prize – Mis London Cup.

Lily – 1st in Ribbon and 1st in Clubs, Overall 1st in in Junior B

Elina – 1st in Ribbon (shared place with Lily) and 2nd in clubs, Overall 2nd in Junior B.

Lottie was competing in Junior B with girls of 3-4 level and won 3rd place in clubs + Special prize (brilliant work).

Martina – 3rd place in Rope and 4th in clubs – in Level B+ special prize -Tiara

Anastasia Kiseleva – 1st place, Hoop in Level C and special prize Toy.

2010 Level C

Atene – 1st place free,

Sabrina – 2nd place free

Rosa -2nd place free + Special prize Miss Dance + Tiara

2011 C

Greata – 1st place – special prize – Tiara

Miya – 1st place + special prize Miss Beauty

Nelly – 2nd place + special prize – toy

Jeeya – 2nd place + special prize

Anastasia G – 3rd place.

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