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Four Season Tournament in London

November 18, 2012 -

On Sunday 11th November the club took part for the first time in the “Four Season Tournament” competition in Edmonton Elite Gymnastics venue. The pupils competed in the rope category for level 1 and level 2 Rhythmic gymnasts.

Six gymnast of A & V Rhythmic Gymnastics Club took part:

Laura Bledis won 3rd place, Level 1

Safron Severn won 2nd place, Level 1

Florence Hodge won 1st place, Level 1

Anastasia Minina took 4th place, Level 2

Sophia Clark won 1st place, level 2

Gabia Poskaite took 4th place level 1

It was an excellent result for both the club as well as the competitors. We want to extend our congratulations to all participants.

The next competition of the “Four Season Tournament” in the Hoop category will take place on 24th February in our Club, Townley Grammar School.

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