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British Championships

June 23, 2013 -

Daria Gorbacheva, represented A & V Rhythmic Gymnastics Club as a guest at the British Championship taking place at the Fenton Manor Sport Complex in Stoke-on-Trent on 21st -23rd June 2013.

As a guest, Daria was not eligible to win any titles or medals.

But she had the highest total score on Saturday 22nd June and went forward to Sunday’s apparatus Finals – where she also got highest total score.

Daria had 14.666 highest score in hoop, 14.933 highest score in ball, 15.083 highest score in ribbon and third 12.866 score in clubs. Total 57.548

Congratulations to Daria Gorbacheva and her coach Ms. E.Petunina.

Many thanks to Svetlana Samoilova, who presented Daria at British Championships.

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