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1st Four Seasons Tournament named the champions.

July 26, 2013 -

Four Seasons Tournament came to an end and the overall winners of the tournament have been announced at Ribbon competition in A & V Rhythmic Gymnastics Club, Townley Grammar School. Tournament was introduced by London British Gymnastics in 2012. The objective for the competition was to insure that gymnasts of Level 1 and Level 2 worked with all rhythmic apparatus: Rope, Hoop, Ball and Ribbon.

At the final competition of the tournament all our four gymnasts competing in the competition won a medal in their year group and level.

Ribbon competition :

Florence Hodge DOB2003 Level 1- Silver medal

Gabija Poskaite DOB2000 Level 1- Silver medal

Anastasiya Minina DOB 2002 Level 2- Silver medal

Sophia Clark DOB 2001 Level 2- Gold medal

We are very delighted that all four of our gymnasts are Overall champions of the 1st Four Season London Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournamen ( rope, hoop, ball and ribbon)

Florence DOB 2003, Level 1-Gold

Gabija – DOB 2000, Level 1 – Silver

Anastasia DOB 2002, Level 2 –Gold

Sophia – DOB 2001, Level 2 – Gold

Ms. Cleo Hooper – Chair of English Rhythmic Gymnastics Technical Committee, Cllr Sharon Massey – the Mayor of the Lonond Borough of Bexley and Olga Berzing & Chair of London

Rhythmic Gymnastics technical committee presented medals to the winners of the Tournament.

It is a great achievement of all gymnasts and their coach: Jana Rudova.This is also proof of the high quality performances of everyone in A & V Rhythmic Gymnastics club.

Competition day was finished by a friendly family disco where everyone had great fun.

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